Portraits – for gifts

Hello all,

Hope September has been a great start back to school and work routines. I know in our household a lot of shifting around has been happening!

It is also time to think about the holidays as fall is coming upon us.  As a portrait artist I am working on many pencil portraits for the holiday season. The portraits make wonderful gift for that hard to please person, for that special  family member, or the one we want to remember.

I can combine photos to make one image. Now is the time to think about those wonderful types of gifts and it does take time to complete.  Especially, if you want to frame the gift as well. Take a look on my web site at the portraits.  If it is something you are interested in, send me your photos and I will work on your masterpiece.




About salenadraws

I am an artist, who paints in acrylic and draws (portraits) in graphite.
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